At Cruise Controls WA we provide professional cruise control installation Perth wide! There is a cruise control system to suit almost any vehicle, so give us a call with you vehicle make and model, and we will confirm the most cost effective product to suit you.

Drive By Wire Cruise Control

Modern vehicles are embedded by electronic pedal and electronic throttle valve.

The latter is managed by electronic signals which delivered from ECU. ECU will domain the opening angle of valve by motor by wire cable, so called drive by wire.

The vehicle with electronic throttle control can add the DBW (drive by wire) series cruise control interface to cut off the signal of electronic pedal and send out the simulation signal to ECU to control the electronic throttle control.

Electronic Cruise Control

Suitable for installation by a professional installer or technician.

The electronic cruise control will read electronic speed signal from an electronic gearbox transducer, reed-switch speedometer, or ECU.

Calibration to vehicle electronic pulse is achieved by on-road calibration while driving the vehicle. Vehicle pulse rate does not need to be verified. Cruise control sensitivity and rate of initial engagement maybe individually adjusted while driving the vehicle to suit the driver’s requirements.

Suitable for most Australian and imported vehicles including four wheel drives, light commercials, and turbo-charged vehicles.

Approved for many drive by wire throttle system vehicles when fitted with optional vehicle-specific hardware kit. An optional clutch switch is recommended for vehicles with manual transmissions.

Vacuum Cruise Control

Suitable for installation by professional installers or qualified technicians.

The vacuum cruise control system will read electronic speed signal from an electronic gearbox transducer, reed-switch speedometer, or ECU.

Cruise Control Features & Benefits

  • ECU speed signal pickup.
  • SET — Set cruise control to current speed.
  • RES — Resume cruise control to previous speed.
  • Resume speed memory even after ignition has been turned off.
  • ACC — Hold down to accelerate under cruise control.
  • DEC — Hold down to decelerate under cruise control.
  • Tap up tap down feature
  • Two colour indicator light on most switches or on dash. Green = Cruise ON and Orange = Cruise ENGAGED.
  • Selection of switches available.
  • Diagnostic mode.
  • On road calibration mode.
  • Three solenoid vacuum actuator.
  • Suits most automatic FWD, RWD and 4X4 vehicles.
  • Suits both automatic and manual transmission vehicles.
  • Mechanical clutch switch input.
  • Over-Rev (tacho) input.
  • Can be installed to older carburettor vehicles with optional magnetic speed pickup or using tacho speed sensing (tacho speed sensing only recommended on manual vehicles).
  • OEM connectors used on wiring looms.
  • Australian designed.
  • Electronics module manufactured in house on our state of the art SMT production line.
  • Optional single speed over speed alert.
  • Optional multi-resume, there is no need to set desired speed every time, you can set your 3 favourite speeds into the cruise controls memory.
  • Optional multi-speed over speed alert.
  • Optional clutch controlled coast/resume to allow gear changing on manual vehicles.
  • On board speed signal buffering.
  • On board speed signal dividing.
  • High input pulse rate, now capable of up to 200,000 pulses per km on speed input.
  • On board buzzer for over speed alert.
  • Audible chirp from buzzer when switch buttons are pressed (programmable).
  • Programmable pull-up on clutch input (makes our cruise control easier to intergrate into vehicle).
  • Programmable pull-up on speed input (makes our cruise control easier to intergrate into vehicle).
  • Improved calibrate mode — Buzzer chirps as well as LED flaching for gain setting.
  • Current limiting protection on horn circuit — Improved interfacing with vehicle horn wiring.

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